Locked Cranks V1

Our titanium cranks are a mix of state-of-the-art 3D printed and CNC parts crafted together with aircraft grade titanium tubing. They represent the ultimate in stiffness combined with a unique functional industrial design that makes these cranks one of a kind.

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Built to last

Locked cranks are not designed to be the lightest but rather the strongest and arguably the stiffest most durable cranks on the market. Not as light as carbon but more than 30% stiffer than carbon cranks. Our bombproof Locked Cranks will outlive you and your bike.

Ready for anything

Our first test cranks have been ridden to destruction for hundreds of hours on the most rigorous trails and have come through with flying colours. This combined with stress testing under extreme load means we're happy Locked Cranks are able to handle anything that any trail can throw at them.


Weight: 550 grams
Crank arm joints: 6/4 printed titanium
Crank arms: Aerospace grade Ti-3AL-2.5V
Crank spindle: CNC  6/4 titanium
Lengths: 165mm, 170mm, 175mm
Preload: CNC 7075 aluminum
BB: 30mm spindle only. BSA 73mm, T47
Q-Factor: 176mm
Chainring Interface: SRAM 3-Bolt direct mount
Finish: Brushed titanium
Warranty: 3 Years

What's in the box?

The cranks come with:

• Titanium crank bolt and nylon washer

• Satchet of Ti prep anti seize

• Alloy lock-ring preloader

• 3 x chainring bolts for direct mount

• Direct mount chainring not included

Get a Cane Creek bottom bracket for your cranks.

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