Over 15 years ago Kingdom Bike was founded outside a refuge in Crosets. A company started by a chance from an idea to design and make bikes exclusively in titanium just for ourselves. Slowly our friends caught onto what we were doing and we made bikes for them, eventually turning our designs into bikes that over the years that today many people ride and love.

As Kingdom Bike grew we had the pleasure of developing ground breaking bikes like the Vendetta, a design now over 15 years old and still one of the best and most copied hardtails around and lastly the VOID. The logical progression of Kingdom Bikes suspension frames, a new single pivot suspension bike using the latest additive manufactured (3D printed parts) that helped us create a hitherto unthinkable with conventional CNC and tubing frame design in titanium.

It was precisely the use of additive manufacturing that opened us up to new ideas and enabled us to create our Locked cranks. A design that would have been impossible with just CNC and tubing without the stylish printed crank arm shoulder joints. 

A design so good we felt it deserved its own brand. We have always felt we have made some amazing components over the years; handlebars, stems and now cranks but they have always played a bit part compared to Kingdom Bike's frame production so we decided to change that and focus on making new innovative titanium bike components using the new creative possibilities that additive manufacturing allows.

So Locked Components, a sister company to Kingdom Bike will be run in the same way, honest, straight forward whilst focused on creating innovative products made for riders who ride bikes, (that's us by the way). If anyone else likes what we're making and wants to buy Locked components that's even better.

We begin this journey as we mean to go on with our newest project a 3D printed redesign of our amazing mountain bike stem the Ronin 2. Watch this space.

Chris and Adam
Locked Components

The birthplace of Kingdom Bike 2007