Inside story - here you'll find some of the bikes that are loaded with Locked cranks. Begining with this prototype VOID nicknamed 'The Shorty'.

At Kingdom Bike we are constantly developing, improving and innovating, even though it's barely been a year since the first production VOID left out factory we've been looking at ways to improve on perfection.

'Hang on I only just got my VOID and you're changing it?'
Don't worry VOID owners, there'll be no changes to the VOID platform itself, as a single pivot bike we feel it's in a sweet spot right now and there's no plans to change that any time soon. But, developing new specs and adding more build flexibility is something we're always looking at, it's the creative side of our brains that never sleeps.

'So what am I looking at here with the Shorty?'
Well apart from a set of our unique, super stiff and indestructable Locked Cranks, this VOID is special. It has been designed for flexibility as it's equally at home running 27.5 or 29" wheels, combine this with the VOID's agressive 'attack' geometry but with a 'Shorty' 120mm travel front and rear.

'Why shorter travel than the Trail 130?'
When ridden hard the VOID feels like it's packing far more travel than it actually has, so we felt we could experiment and reduce the travel even further to sub 120mm and still have a very capable rugged shorter travel bike for rowdy trail riding.

The rear travel on this VOID is actually 116mm, which means it sits nicely balanced with a 27.5 120mm fork or a 29er 110/120mm fork.

So imagine a 120mm travel VOID Shorty that's as comfortable hammering laps at the bike park or delivering huge grins whilst ripping up your local trail.

'What's with the sliding dropout?'
We feel sliding dropouts offer extreme flexibility to any bike and whilst most applications for sliding dropouts are often frowned upon as they are usually found on SPD sandal wearing single speeders rigs. However we love them for their ability to tune tyre clearance, adjust wheelbase and handling and in this case it allow the VOID Shorty to run either 27.5 or 29er wheels. Oh and that would also mean it can be optimised for running different wheels or 'the mullet'.

Here's a little snap shot of the geo on the Shorty to show the variance between the 27.5 set-up and a 29er.

Obviously with do-it-all bikes there's some compromise to be expected in the BB drop caused by the difference between 27.5 and 29er fork axle to crowns but this can be adjusted with a different travel forks and we feel this is far outweighed by the benefits of being able to mix and match wheelsizes for different trails or riding styles.

The Build
We're using a mid priced high-end build, based on quality components with no silly lightweight parts that reduce weight but last only 3 rides, the weight of 12.89kg's is ball park for this type of VOID build.

Frame: VOID shorty medium
Shock: Intend BC
Fork: Cane Creek Helm 120mm 27.5
Wheels: Industry 9 enduro
Tyres: Schwalbe Fat Alberts
Crankset: Locked
Chainring: Burgtec 30T
BB: Chris King T47
Gears: Box 7Sp
Chain: Box
Cockpit: Burgtec enduro stem, Ride high bars 40mm, Bartender grips
Saddle: Burgtec boost
Seatpost: Generic carbon
Brakes: DRAM G2, 160/180 rotors
Pedals: Burgtec composite
Extras: Fidlock bottle
Weight: 12.89kgs

DATE: 8th august 2022

The Ride
We're yet to really let this beast fly as it has only just been built, but initial bounces on the Intend BC shock are feeling so nice especially considering it's not even been set-up yet so we are super excited to try this shock combined with this VOID and we will be back here to let you know how it goes with regular ride updates, so sign up for our newsletter in the footer below if you want to keep updated on this project.

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Our titanium cranks are a mix of state-of-the-art 3D printed and CNC parts crafted together with aircraft grade titanium tubing. They represent the ultimate in stiffness combined with a unique functional industrial design that makes these cranks one of a kind.