Thank you for purchasing this Locked crankset, to help you install them correctly we have provided the information below.

Installation instructions (compatible with 30mm BB’s only)

1. Apply plenty of the ti-prep provided to the spindle interface and crank bolt when installing, using normal grease may cause the assembly to seize.

2. Use the 2 x 1.75mm washer/spacers in a configuration on the spindle in conjunction with the preloader, that best helps you centre the crankset in your frame and BB, we suggest starting with 1 non drive side and 1 drive side spacer, then add the additional spacer if necessary.

3. The crank arm and spindle are designed to be tightened fully together. The crank bolt can be tightened to well over 55Nm+ as the nylon washer and ti prep will remove the possibility of the crank bolt seizing and the compression of the nylon washer will stop the cranks coming lose during riding, so the more Nm applied the better.

4. Use the spindle spacer/washers provided to get the correct lateral spacing through the BB.

With the cranks assembled in the BB; the crank bolt is fully tightened, the preloader ring is wound completely inboard and the correct amount of washers in place for your BB, there should be around 1 to 2mm of lateral play in the crank assembly, that you can then remove by using the preloader ring.


Preloader cranks have a very small window for correct lateral adjustment and it can be fiddly to get set up correctly, so please read the instructions below and take time setting the preloader for optimum performance of your cranks.

1. Once assembled (as above) it’s time to set the preload ring. As you unwind the preloader it will remove lateral play in the crank assembly, but before tightening the preloader bolt leave a very small amount of play in the whole crank assembly - as after tightening the preloader bolt to 1.4Nm it will expand slightly and remove the last play and the cranks will run smooth. If there is no play in the crank assembly when the preloader bolt is tighten the expansion will make the cranks have some drag as they turn.

KEEP TRYING - It may take a few attempts to set up the cranks correctly as the preloader has a small window where the setting is correct and all lateral play is removed. Once it is correctly set the cranks will run smooth without play.

If there is no play but slight crank drag then see the note below.

Problem solving.

Crank Drag - During testing we noticed some BB bearing covers supplied with certain brands of BB do not have enough step down in the bearing cover to allow for the crank  assembly to be tightened enough and they then push the bearing cover directly against both the inner and outer bearing races. This will mean your cranks will rotate sluggishly with drag. If this is the case use the 1.75mm spacer directly against the BB bearing then use the BB cover supplied outside of the spacer this will remove the contact and help the cranks run smooth.