the ronin 2 stem - a work in progress

Meet our Ronin 2 stem or at least the start of our design process, the initial idea. Really just a rendered sketch of what could be. The development process will continue and our new 3D printed stem may well look like this or something close to this or maybe completely different.

We are exploring manufacture using 6/4 printed titanium using EBM and with added HIP treated for extra strength.

With a 35mm clamp and 35mm length this stem is right on the money to compliment Kingdom Bikes Vendetta or VOID style of geometry.

We thought as Locked is a new venture we would show you something coming up.

UPDATE 15th Aug

We have developed the look of the Ronon 2 to be less CNC and more smooth...we're now at the printing stage so watch this space for update.

35mm clamp, 35mm length, 0 degrees rise, 128g.

ronin 2 35mm stem - original design

After our success applying printed parts to the VOID and our Locked Cranks we believe AM is the future of bikes and metal (titanium in particular) so we are committed to using additive manufacturing to the full to create component and bike designs that would be otherwise impossibly intricate, prohibitively expensive or excessively wasteful with traditional manufacturing or CNC techniques. Read more about additive manufacturing here...

Keep up to date on the ronin 2 developement

Send us your details and we will keep you updated on next steps, the development and launch date of the Ronin 2 stem.